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On the centenary of Frederick Myers Human Personality & Survival after Death


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Frederic W.H. Myers’s book Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death was a hundred years old in 2003. While the purpose of the book was to argue for survival of bodily death, Myers also presented a unifying model of normal, abnormal, and parapsychological phenomena based on the workings of a subliminal or subconscious mind. Human Personality grew in the contexts of nineteenth-century Spiritualism, psychical research, and psychology and psychiatry. While Myers’s book presented creative ideas, its association with psychic phenomena and ideas of interaction with the spiritual world brought many criticisms. Nonetheless, the book has been very influential and its content is still relevant to present concerns of psi functioning and the subconscious mind. It is also argued that some modern parapsychological work is consistent with Myers’s ideas and that there are several lines of research that may be followed up to put Myers to the test.  Link carries on the work.

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Thank you very much Karyn when bringing out Myer's book (from the beginning of the 20th century)

There is a lot of valuable information published on those days when The Society for psychical Research (https://www.spr.ac.uk/) was founded related to mental and physical mediumship. Because Myer's book "Human personality and its survival of bodily death" has no copyrights any more, this book and many other similar works are nowadays freely downloadable from The Internet.  Otherwise, reading the original document is always useful, especially when many scientists nowadays think that  parapsychology is a controversial science (based on their own rigid one-eyed theories) which doesn't receive similar financial support than many other branches of science.

Myer's book as well as similar documents published by Sir Oliver Lodge are really worth reading ( please see links below). The Finnish version of those books is available from Nidaba Publishing (https://www.nidaba.fi).




Frederic Myers: Human personality and its survival of bodily death ( 1927)


Sir Oliver Lodge: The survival of man (1909)


Sir Oliver Lodge: RAYMOND or Life and death with examples of the evidence for survival of memory and affection after death


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