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3 hours ago, Dr Jeffers said:

Hi Karyn, when will the meeting link be posted? This wasn't mentioned in the reminder.



oops, Jeff thank you.  I guess since I knew that we would send out another reminder we omitted that bit, sorry about that.  It will be zoom and the room number is https://zoom.us/j/6123708172  

We have a waiting room but I shall be there early so people can come in check audio/visual etc, so that the meeting starts on time, and ends promptly.  

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On 10/3/2020 at 3:42 PM, Keith J. Clark said:

Keith, I have a full ITC lab here at home in Phoenix, Arizona and am also a Physical Trance Medium.

Lara Wolfe



iDigitalMedium Research Team (By Invite Only)

  • Work 80% privately on "inspired" technologies, share in designated forum, 20% communication with end users

Requirements: Research Team candidates are selected by the research team themselves by private consideration based on the following criteria:

  • Already possess a combination of some or all of the following characteristics: experience in professional disciplines, moderate to advanced technical knowledge in a field related to this site or the discovery or preservation of information, possess knowledge pertaining to computer hardware, software, or electronics.....practice good communication skills and exercise the ability to be tactful and respectful of other people's experiences, express compassion for humanity, be able to communicate regularly with team using secure methods outside of forum, and above all - be able to demonstrate consistently that the needs of the general populace and mankind are viewed as greater than their own needs. Previous and current knowledge of subtle energies, including those represented in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and Physical Mediumship are essential complementary skill-sets.


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On 10/11/2020 at 4:36 PM, Keith J. Clark said:


We welcome your electronic knowledge also and I am certain it will be put to good use!


I thank you for your response. In the meantime I will be continuing my electronics work under  Carlos Ramos

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