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Part 26 Afterlife Answers from Jurgens 40 years of OBE experiences


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Afterlife Answer - Part 26 (Zoom Talk 6th Dec 2020 - 3)
Explaining higher states of consciousness to our 3D mind inevitably leads to a lot of misunderstanding and confusion, because it is like nothing we can know.
Coming home, to your real home and reuniting with the source of your consciousness. What then? Is it not boring? So what do the Saints do with the rest of Eternity? What is it REALLY like to see the Akashic Records? People say it is like a big library, but this was no my experience. It is far more and far more real. It is the perfect virtual world.
The universe is not dead matter. Everything is consciousness, even ice.
The experience of time dissolves in higher states. You can experience eternity in a split second and get the whole aspect of eternity in higher consciousness, without interruption anything you may be doing at the time, not even interrupting your sentence.
Compared to the incredible scope of what can be experienced in higher states of consciousness, everything we experience here, now, will feel pedestrian and second rate, we will quickly lose interest in, once we awaken to the higher states. It is like coming out of a dark cellar into bright summer garden light.
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