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Understanding the Connection

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So I've seen spirits since I was very young. I remember having conversations with my mom and realizing she couldn't see them (from about 4yrs and up). It was normal for me. 

One of my favorites... As an adult, my partner and I were walking around our property with our dogs. I saw a man standing on our porch and turn around and walk inside. My husband made me wait outside once we got up to the house so he could deal with the intruder. He found no one there. 

As time went on I would see him closer (in physical distance). He would be in the other room and the same room as me quite often. Seeing him up close I realized he was here but not the same here as you and me. I could tell he was looking out for us, watching over things. One night he woke me up demanding I blow out a candle still burning on the night stand ("You blow that out NOW, as he was pointing at me and then the candle repeatedly). I figured something might have happened and that's why he woke me up and was so demanding until I did it. 

One day this spirit was pacing in the next room. Every time he'd go by, my husband would look up. I finally asked, "why do you keep looking up and over there?" He replied, "I don't know, I just keep seeing a white flash going back and forth." I said, "let me tell you what I see" and I described everything I'd learned about him (the spirit), what he looked like, how he spoke, clothes he was wearing with a weird hat I'd never seen before. 

My husband went into another room and several minutes later came back with a picture of the man I was seeing (same weird hat and all that was in my description of him). Turned out, it was his grandfather that was buried on the property. We hadn't been together long and I had no idea his grandfather was buried there until that moment. 

It all made sense and I understood that had been his property and his family was there, he was continuing to watch over things. 

I like it when I get these confirmations of who I'm seeing and why. It's normal for me but so unusual for others that haven't experienced these things. 

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On 12/19/2020 at 3:26 PM, Andres Ramos said:

Interesting! It seems you never were scared by those incidents?

Andres, no, I've never been frightened. I've always had the impressions of it all being positive. There are times when the unknown or misunderstood can seem scary, but I've never taken them that way. Over the years I've learned of prayers and sage to cleanse each other and spaces. I've never felt the need for using those things myself, but do not see any harm in a little extra protection 🙂 

Now, I will say, I do believe negative energies exist, but in a different form. I've only had one encounter with one of those and I made it very clear that it was unwelcome and demanded it to leave my home. Since that experience, I will only light white candles. My dog actually spotted that one before I did and I was very proud of him. He stood between me and it until it left. That was, of non-human origin though, and completely different than all of my other experiences. 

I do also believe from my experience, that, in general, people need to be very careful what they try to contact, dabble in, play with, etc. All of my experiences have been ones that have just happened vs using any method to make them happen. Even when investigating any place with activity, I allow any spirits that want to communicate to do so in a positive and loving way. I use my senses first and then hope the equipment may help. Equipment can enhance the ability to communicate and that's what I'm currently looking most forward to. To see if there is equipment that enables easier and clearer communication. 

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