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Images of human faces from the water surface

Vladimir 2020

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I am using a very simple setup. This is a cuvette with clean water. There is a mirror at the bottom of the cuvette. There is also a screen, and a small flashlight that shines on the water. The surface of the water fluctuates slightly. I shoot a short video shortly after turning on the flashlight. Then I preview my movie in a video editor program. I go through successively frame by frame, I search and find human faces! Of course, before filming, I invite guests from another world to visit. The images I find are very low in contrast. I use Adobe Photoshop, I increase the contrast of photos.


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In 2015, I got my first images of human faces. The images were of poor quality, as I now understand, for a number of reasons. I did not use a mirror at the bottom of the cuvette, the surface of the water fluctuated strongly. Then for several years I didn’t get any results at all. It wasn't until early 2020 that I returned to the idea of water photography again. I slightly changed my setup, put the mirror on the bottom of the cuvette, the surface of the water in the cuvette fluctuates very weakly with the help of the micro-fan. In January 2020, images of people began to appear on the installation screen. The image appeared for a while, then disappeared, was replaced by another. Currently, unfortunately, such images that are visible on the screen do not appear, or appear very rarely. Now I shoot video for 10 ... 20 seconds, go through frame by frame in a video editor, and find low-contrast images of human faces. Then increase the contrast in Adobe Photoshop.

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