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Visualizations, Energy, Lessons, and Learning


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A little background: I've seen and communicated with spirits from a very young age into adulthood. I've learned from them that we do continue on once we leave our bodies and get the impression that we're here to experience and learn certain things. They also can help us when we're open to their help. 

A few years ago I joined a paranormal team and we're very careful, safe, and respectful in our interactions. I was very excited to learn about the Spiricom and the possibility of using equipment to have full real time conversations. It seems the more common equipment being used only allows for small answers and occasional sentences. 

Everything is energy. I've sensed it, paid attention to it, and it's served me well. I also receive messages from insignificant things up to major things that I've learned to listen to. I tend to be stubborn and too logical, so some things I have to learn the hard way. 

I'm excited to be here, help where I can, learn from others, and hear about others experiences, successful interactions and more. 

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