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Images of human faces (work in Spectrocom and sTile 3.0 programs).

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I don’t call anyone. I just watch frame by frame and know that someone will definitely show up. I'm looking for images that hardly need to be edited. I remove the patina from the eyes, face. I am look

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It's really good to see more people working with anomalous images of faces. Sonia Rinaldi at Craig Hogan's Afterlife Research and Education website is also doing this and the Scole Group in Suffolk UK who are using crystal photography. Results seem promising. You can also have a look at some of my trans-images of faces on the website. www.evplondon.com



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Hi! Thank you for your attention to my photos! I have been working in ITC for the last 12 years. For several years in the beginning, I made audio recordings of my contacts. Then I moved on to photos and videos. Initially, I experimented with a video camera and parallel mirrors, but the results were not satisfactory. I started experimenting with water. In my setup, light from a small flashlight set at a 45-degree angle bounces off a mirror that rests on the bottom of a small cuvette of water. Reflection hits a white screen. The water surface is vibrated slightly by the micro fan. The session is held in the evening in a darkened room. Some time after inviting guests from another world, I make a short video (10 ... 30 seconds). Then I view the resulting video frame by frame in a video editor. I find images of human faces, and process them in Photoshop, this is brightness and contrast, nothing more!
Thus, I got an image of my sister, who left our world in 2014. And before the start of the session, I made an audio recording, in which I asked to invite my sister for a video recording. In the audio recording, I was told that she was already here, and a voice was heard that said - let him write. This voice I identified as my sister's.

Таня 1.10.2020.jpg

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Hi Vladimir,

These are amazing images. I have also recorded for evp at the same time as recording video for faces and I have managed to get some clear names. I also find, like in some of your images, that the faces sometimes overlap, they are often crowded or grouped together and there are some super-imposed and partial faces.

I have also found that some of the faces occur on several recordings. I have an image of a lady with red lips and curly red hair who I first recorded in 2017, but I have several images of her recorded 2018 through to 2020. I think she is a deceased relative called Rachel, but I was adopted as a baby, so I don't know very much about my biological family. I've put some pictures of her along with some others, in the Gallery.





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