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"The magician's chamber" A visual ITC story - by Andrés Ramos

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This paper is not a technical one, well at least merely. In first line it is a documentation about my results with natural transcommunication (NTC) in moving water in creeks and it widens the scope of results I already showed by the water images I gained from the surface of a lake. But there is a second intention in this document that is not a technical one. I want to push a door open for the magic that is taking place every day before our very eyes we just don't see because of ignorance and blindness. My hope is that this document, that has more  the character of a story or fairy tale than of a technical paper, could be useful to reconfigure the human perception to make it pick up supernatural information.  Thus it's a mix of technical description, imagination and perception transformation.

I hope you will enjoy it!

The Magicians Chamber.pdf

Since the quality of the embedded images in the document suffered from deterioration caused by the PDF conversion process I here put the link to the original Google Doc document.

"The magician's chamber" original document



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I so enjoyed your photographs. The more I looked the more I saw. I hope you don't mind,I am uploading faces and people  I seemed to see.


Images 1&2     

The  image in which you mentioned a darkened room,  I had the same impression, of it being in a darkened room. My vision thereafter is a little dark, but Im going to write what I see.

I see four elements, and I outlined them in different colors. Starting from the left, I see the first person as a possible prisoner or attendant standing and onlooking. Next shape is of a second person that I at first thought was a torturer, but explaining it now I feel it may have been someone like a priest or loved one  leaning over and administering to a suffering soul ,( the fourth person) in a chair who is completely emaciated to bones.

The third person from left to right is a head image of who a ruler who I feel may have been responsible for the scene. Nero or Tiberius Caesar came to mind... He looks to be a roman.


Image 3

Circled in pink are the faces I see, and also a figure on the left who looks like a woman wearing a hat in Victorian dress.


Image 4- I see an angel on a branch holding a young child- maybe in the Fairie kingdom 🙂




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Wow Chris, I definitely can confirm this! Especially the human face in the middle of the last picture you discovered.

The strange thing is that the pictures are composed in a very strange way. You can recombine the elements to new objects, faces and persons. Isn't it strange that this visual representation offers the viewer the same degree of personal perception as we are used to from audio transcommunication?

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Your thoughts gave me the idea to make those pictures more popular by using another method. So I decided to make a video from it.

This video is just the intro but gives you an overview about my intentions.


It's a low resolution export to save storage space. The original will be of better quality.


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