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Cosmologists find first indications for the existence of cosmic aether

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Cosmologists say that they have uncovered hints of an intriguing twisting in the way that ancient light moves across the Universe, which could offer clues about the nature of dark energy — the mysterious force that seems to be pushing the cosmos to expand ever-faster.

Researchers’ first guess — which remains the leading theory — was that dark energy is an intrinsic property of space, which would mean that the amount of dark energy per unit volume of space is fixed as a ‘cosmological constant’. But some cosmologists theorized that dark energy is made of something else entirely. They call this a quintessence field, after the fifth element, or aether — the name that ancient Greek philosophers gave to an invisible material thought to fill all the empty space in the Universe.



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This sounds interesting. 

I think all of us here agree that, quite definitely, there exist a sort of universal fluid/field/aether, whether that is related to the propagation of electromagnetic waves or not. So it's nice to see that we might have started to "materialistically" discover it.

But having said that, in my humble but informed opinion, both black matter and black energy are ad-hoc postulates which are fundamentally tied to the current mainstream cosmological model and are not directly derived from actual observed facts. The observed facts only lead to the current interpretation (that they point to black matter and black energy) under the assumptions of the standard model. At that, they resemble way too much the "eccentric deferents" in the Ptolemaic Geocentric model, which where planetary sub-orbits postulated only to fit the data with the geocentric model.

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You are absolutely right Fernando. Black matter and energy is just something to fill a black hole in the current mainstream science worldview explanation model. The purpose is not to enlarge the view, it is for saving the mainstream. But I hope that there will be always some honest scientist that pick-up the ball and taking their findings to empower themselves to say, "There is something wrong here", even is this will be just a very faint voice of critics. By the time those findings that will make honest people frown will grow and hopefully, bit by bit, they will transform the corpus of science.

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