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Spirit voices aquired with coherers

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In this post I want to share my audio samples i made by use of coherers. See the experiments section for more details. A coherer is a small glass tube or a piece of transparent hose with electrodes at it's end in a distance of some millimeters. It is filled with conductive granular media. I used coherers with nickel, silver, iron, aluminum and graphite/carbon particles.The particles have lose electrical contacts. If a small current is routed through the coherer it starts to emitt strong pink noise.


In the noise there are lots of spikes and cracks and strongly but poorly modulated spirit voices. The intelligibility is Class C in maximum.


1. Carbon Coherer voice samples


2. Graphite mine coherer voice samples


These are voices I obtained by using losely connected graphite mines as a variant for the graphite coherer.

  • "Du schaffst das gut" -> "You will make it very well": Du schaffst das.mp3
  • Firework. This is a sequence that sounds like a chain of explosions in a firework. A strange anomaly: Firework.mp3
  • "Vielleicht" -> "Perhaps": Vielleicht.mp3


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