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It's Life and Death but Not as You Know It - Tricia J Robertson

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Following on from Things You Can Do When You’re Dead! and More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead! Scottish psychical researcher Tricia Robertson’s latest book delves into psychic phenomena from the unbelievable to the bizarre. In her straightforward and inimitable style Tricia explores topics including Electronic Voice Phenomena, Thoughtography, Psychokinesis, Distant Healing, Xenoglossy, Mediumship and much, much more. 

Tricia’s philosophy is: ‘Let the evidence speak for itself’ and whether you’re a sceptic and yet to be convinced PSI exists or an enthusiast wanting to know more, It’s Life And Death, But Not As You Know It! has something for everyone.




1. Mediumship and consciousness
Gerard Croiset

2. Retrocognition
Mrs Dorothy Strong
Miss Smith
Mrs Butterbaugh

3. Precognition
Jeane Dixon
Lady Londonderry
Don’t take the train

4. EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena
Konstantin Raudive
Marcello Bacci
George Meek
Hans Otto König
Anabela Cardoso

5. Thoughtography
Ted Serios

6. Where there is a will
Examining the controversial Chaffin will case

7. Do healing miracles happen?
Antonio Sales

8. The man of the unholy cross
A new case of possible obsession, possession or overshadowing

9. Mediumship – Making sense of ‘seeming’ nonsense
Jesse Shepard
Ros Cattanagh
The Gold Leaf Lady
Uri Geller

10. Home circles

11. Summing up
What can we make of all of this weirdness?
Does it help us in understanding ourselves as human beings?

Bibliography and recommended reading.

About the author

Praise for It’s Life And Death, But Not As You Know It!

“Who better to take readers on an exploration of the paranormal than Tricia Robertson, an experienced researcher of spontaneous phenomena as well as a dedicated investigator of mediumship under test conditions? Her previous books dealt impressively with the evidence for life after death that she had either experienced personally or had gathered from those who had it thrust upon them through unsought encounters with the unknown. These meaningful events appeared to be signals to them from loved ones who had died. Her latest book takes readers much deeper into the paranormal, providing a wealth of testimony from well-qualified eyewitnesses to phenomena that are, quite literally, beyond belief. Robertson has condensed some of her own work with the very best reports, from more than a century of psychical research around the world, into very readable accounts that require no special knowledge of the subject on the part of her readers. The extraordinary events described in its pages will challenge many of her readers’ assumptions about a wide variety of paranormal phenomena and, indeed, the very nature of reality. Interaction with the spirits of the dead may be a possible explanation in some cases, but others appear to be almost impossible to explain. Robertson leaves it to her readers to make up their own minds, though I suspect most will be satisfied simply to enjoy the entertainment value of the astonishing reports she shares and leave the speculation to others”.

~ Roy Stemman, journalist and author of Surgeon From Another World and The Big Book of Reincarnation.

“Fascinating and thought-provoking. Tricia is an inspired teacher and this book captures the unique style that I’m sure she applied in the very popular courses in Psychical Research she ran for six years for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow in conjunction with Professor Archie Roy.

Whereas in her first two books she covered the evidence for different forms of mediumship as well as reincarnation, poltergeist activity, paranormal healing cases, and hauntings, in this book she takes a different tack.

“Tricia covers a huge amount of ground with details that even those familiar with the field of paranormal research will find fascinating. Most of the cases raise questions about the as yet undocumented powers of the mind, a subject at the core of serious psychical research as well as consciousness studies.

“Anyone claiming to investigate the paranormal or to be involved with mediumship needs to understand the implications of the studies she cites on clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, as well as thoughtography, all of which do not appear to involve spirit contact.

Tricia makes it clear that she remains firmly in the camp of survival of consciousness, but she treats reader with respect – giving him/her first an overview, and frequently details of the best cases, and then says “It is up to you now to make up your mind about all of this or perhaps investigate this further for yourself”.

“Tricia has done a sterling job of succinctly summarising the cases and presenting the material in an interesting way. And, fortunately, she has maintained her lovely conversational style with frequent anecdotes, often involving investigators personally known to her.

“Once again, she has made a wonderful contribution to the White Crow Books library of timeless classics”.

~ Victor and Wendy Zammit, authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and ‘The Afterlife Report’.

“Lawyer Alan Murdie recently concluded on the basis of evidence recently published in the journal American Psychologist that 2018 could well be the year that parapsychological research was finally accepted by mainstream science. However, university research has been preoccupied with finding a so-called repeatable lab-experiment and as yet tells us virtually nothing about the true nature of psychic phenomena. For this the reader would need to turn to the cases presented so clearly and concisely by Tricia Robertson. Her book covers, along with her own experiences, the outstanding cases of classical phenomena with a particular emphasis on mediumship cases. Although I would differ as to the explanations of some of the cases, her last chapter summing up all the evidence is both daring and thought provoking. It should be read by anyone trying to make sense of psychic phenomena”.

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