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My early beginnings in ITC were accompanied by looking for ghost imprints in nature. I asked myself if ghost voices would be hiding in the noise of rustling leafes, wind going through the twigs of a tree or in the sound of a babbling creek. I looked for ghost images on the surface of water in a lake and it's wave that got agitated by wind, in frozen water puddles and cloufs. Indeed I found something already I will post here in a suitable section soon.

As i did a walk last week after work in the park near my home I was standing in front of an remarkable giant chestnut tree clothed in his gorgeous coat of yellow leafes.

As I watched it I observed that the leafes are not just following the direction of the wind, instead they seemed to oscillate as if the wind was just a source of energy and the tree was converting it into something different.

I asked myself if a phototransistor (light microphone) focused on the tree would detect and convert these oscillations into audible sound and if maybe spiritual forces would participate on the creation of these sounds.


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Yes Jurgenson recorded chirping birds and environmental sounds as far as i remember. I got the impression that this "Natural Transcommunication" we could abbreviate as NTC, is kinda of modern shamanism. In past times there were holy men and wimen able to get spiritual informations from the sound of wind, water or clouds in the sky or in the flames of a campfire. Maybe I am trying to mimick that behaviour with a little help of SW tools.

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2 hours ago, Michael Lee said:

Video / optical surveillance would be a new twist. I actually have a paper where we use some image change detection algorithms to discern otherwise invisible vibrations. The original work from MIT can be found googling "extracting audio from visual information" 

Interesting! Leads me to the question of processing video camera data in programming languages. Could be something in Javascript as far as i remember, What about phython?

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37 minutes ago, Michael Lee said:

Our code was written in Python. Their original codes were written in Matlab 😉.

How do you get video data into Matlab? Ok, I'm not really aquatinted with Matlab. Our SW guys in my company use it for ventilation algorithms. I never used it since as an old white man I'm refraining from producing code outside of text editors. Spooky stuff for me, despite i did some Labview programming for test benches but i sware i didn't like it!

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