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How does it feel to be touched by ghosts?

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I had two incidents where I was supposedly touched by ethereal beings or I was touching them.

The first time was in May 2020. A spiritual friend told me if I agree I would go through the first part of an inauguration from a hereafter spirit group. I was perplexed but agreed and at the evening before the night of this incident my expectations and fears were going haywire. In the night I had wild lucid dreams and somehow was half asleep and half awaken. Then, after midnight in this metastable state of mind I clearly felt something touching my right hand and a calm female voice saying, "Don't get scared! Everything is alright!" Nevertheless I was shocked. The touching was a strange feeling. In my imagination I felt like I had put my hand in quicksilver. It was a vibrant fluid feeling more like a force field instead of touching matter.

The second incident was some weeks ago. I occasionally get visits from a negative being in my sleep. In my childhood it was like getting tortured but know it isn't a big thing anymore. I had kinda of lucid dreaming again as I felt a dark presence before my bed reaching out for me. "Now wait, I'll get you f*cking bastard" I thought and grabbed for him. I remember me turning in my bed trying to grab something that felt like the shape of a worm or snake meandering below my legs trying to escape my hands. The closest analogy would be trying to catch a slippery fish. I woke up and sadly this thing was gone before I was able to kick his ass. Meanly the ghost left me with the imagination of the corpse of a little dog that was cutted open along his body. As I said this thing is a nasty bastard.

After thinking about this incident I found another analogy that was matching my experience even closer. Take two strong neodymium magnets, one in each hand with identical poles towards each other and try to bring them together. Then you'll feel this slippery ultra fluid force field experience I had by touching ghosts.

Sorry for my maybe disturbing descriptions. Hope you all can sleep well tonight.🤗

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.I've experienced similar to the first description (like quick silver but without the fluid feeling) and also goosebumps in a certain area or all over with an extra chilly feeling to it. I've also felt like someone was grabbing me (had it happen on my hip, arm, and shoulders on different occasions) where I thought someone was there. The last feeling, I don't actually see anyone, just sense them after. 

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I have felt someone sitting on my bedside..my mother had as well.

A few years ago I also was awakened from sleep one night from feeling a hand on my hip and one on shoulder behind me gently shaking me. I thought it was my husband, but when I tuned over to look at him he was soundly sleeping. Nothing more...but I was keenly awake after that for a while.



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