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Seminar ITC 4 "The Transimages II"

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In this video Anabela Cardoso calls the viewers’ attention to the fact that most of the supposed ITC images published in the Net are nothing of the sort. They are pure pareidolia, i.e., the capacity of the brain to project meaning into random, chaotic background noise, either audio or visual. In this video, Anabela recommended the software Filmora to view the visual ITC work frame by frame.There are many video editors which allow the analysis of the videos frame by frame, and this is the most important and indispensable point to take into consideration. In Seminar 4, Transimages II, she emphasizes the need to examine the images carefully frame by frame as indicated in the software. The process can take a long time since each second of recording comprises 30 frames. A recording of no more than 3 to 4 minutes is recommended exactly because of the time it takes to inspect the frames and the fatigue it causes, which may obliterate self-criticism and induce a‘pareidolic’assessment of the results. Indeed, self-criticism should be the guiding light of ITC operators.

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