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UK medium Leslie Flint - a collection spirit voice séances from Brian Hurst

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UK medium Leslie Flint - a collection spirit voice séances from Brian Hurst

Brian Edward Hurst is a retired British medium and author, living in California.

He has a lifetime of paranormal experiences, including; meeting Sathya Sai Baba, photographing demonstrations of psychic surgery at Stansted Hall, attending the famous Scole Experimental group in Norfolk, and later hosting the group when they demonstrated in America.

Brian has been inspired by many mediums, including; William Redmond, Nora Blackwood, Joseph Benjamin and physical mediums Anne Copley and William Olsen.
He also became friends with Leslie Flint and attended his séances, both in London and California.

Brian recently donated this collection of séance recordings to the Leslie Flint Trust.

This recordings have been enhanced for clarity.







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