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Our INIT group (1995-2000) received a contact from a group of seven ethereal beings in the fall of 1996. It arrived through the telephone answering device of our Luxembourg members, Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. Most of the Luxembourg ITC contacts were arriving in German, but that one was in English. Here’s how the message began:


In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in human species meet to decide on the continuation of The Project. You must not imagine that only The Seven implicated in the actual development of INIT are there; no, it is a coming-together of all entities interested in mankind. The interests are various…. (Here’s the message in its entirety… )

So… what exactly is that “Project,” and who are all those entities who’ve been interested in mankind for thousands of earthly years? I’ve become increasingly certain that the “entities interested in mankind” are not just those we think of as spirits and angels (ethereal beings), but also those we think of as “extraterrestrials” or ETs. This article tries to put ETs into context of the bigger picture of the omniverse… or what we sometimes think of as “the afterlife.” Along the way we’ll see if we can figure out what “The Project” really is.

What Are Extraterrestrials?

https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/35b-galaxies.png?w=769 Top photo: “The Sun and our solar system in relation to the Milky Way galaxy. The white circle indicates the area where the majority of exoplanets have been found with current telescopes. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle.”
Lower photo: View from the Hubble telescope.                                        image.thumb.png.908d859d91f00d95bb047b4895205b46.png    
(Both images courtesy of NASA.)

Extraterrestrials are quasi-physical beings who live “in and around” our material universe, especially our galaxy. They can adjust their vibration to move to nearby dimensions or parallel universes that are superimposed over our own universe. That’s why, if we happen to see a UFO, it might appear as a ghostly shimmering object or a pulsing ball of light rather than something solid. Or it might suddenly vanish or streak over the horizon at mach 10. ETs are not confined to our material dimension with our laws of physics and our sense of time and space. (More about that in a moment.)

While there’s a lot of fascinating ET research underway, we’ll try to get a good representative sampling with the work of Dr Steven Greer, Paul Hamden, William Treurniet, Darryl Anka, and Stan Romanek.

According to them, here are some basic facts we should know about extraterrestrials:

(Please bear in mind that my chief interest for the past 30 years has been the information that we’ve received from spiritual sources, especially through ITC—the use of technology to get in touch with spiritual beings. ETs are physical beings like us, but they’ve developed a much finer connection than we have to spirit as well as to each other. Some ETs are even learning how to modulate their physical bodies to a finer vibration in order to move between the physical and spiritual realms. So I’ve gathered up the following points from people who know a lot more about ETs than I do. I believe those five experts are in general agreement on these points.)

  • Many trillions of extraterrestrials flourish in our Milky Way galaxy.
  • They each belong to one of several races or species of highly intelligent ETs, and some of them are interested in mankind here on Earth.
  • Though some of those ET races have home planets located in various star systems in the galaxy—some beyond the view of our telescopes—most of their “cities” are in large ships, so each race is really spread among various star systems in the galaxy. They’re galactic or interstellar races, whereas we humans are a planetary race… but that could change someday.
  • There are other small planetary races like ours in the galaxy that the galactic races are interested in, but they consider us on Earth to be kind of a special case, as we’ll see in a moment.
  • The members within a galactic race are all connected to each other mentally (like psychic cell phones in a big network), and some large races are also connected mentally to each other (like several big, compatible, overlapping cell networks), so they thrive in a mutually supportive, peaceful, friendly way for the most part. It’s a vast, resonant sea of brilliant life that flourishes in the galaxy in the form of extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • Nearly all of those galactic races that we’re aware of have the best interests of humanity and Planet Earth at heart. That’s true of races that originated on planets in Arcturus, Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, Orion, Sirius, and some other star systems.
  • There are some minor exceptions. A few galactic races have been struggling a bit to survive and flourish. There are the Reptilians and what might be called the “lesser Zetas” or “abductor Zetas,” who seem to have a narrower, what’s-in-it-for-me agenda in their interest in humanity, but their influence on our world seems to be comparatively small. And the greater galactic civilizations (especially what could be called the “greater Zetas” or “refined Zetas”) generally intercede to try to undo any damage done to us humans by the lesser groups.
  • For many thousands of years (of our time) there’s been a lot of cross-breeding among galactic races—possibly as a way to help homogenize and unify the races—and yes, we humans have been (and still are) included in that cross-breeding. As a rule, when it involves people on Earth it’s done by permission from the individuals involved, even if the permission was given at a spiritual level and the participant isn’t consciously aware of his or her choice. (Again, there are a few exceptions, and we’ll explore the “abduction” scenario briefly through the experiences of one well-known abductee who’s included below as one of the experts.)
  • The vast majority of those galactic extraterrestrial races want to help us—in fact, they want us to join their galactic networks if and when we’re ready to join them. But for now they’re concerned about the less supportive, less peaceful, less friendly, less resonant way of life in our world… where living things kill and eat each other. Our dog-eat-dog life style is rare in the galaxy, and it stirs up lots of bad feelings—not just the, um, indigestion, but especially the fear, resentment, anger, deception, helplessness, aggression, and other dark energies and feelings that spin out of predatory living.*
  • Again, those galactic ETs resonate mentally, so they pick up on humanity’s dark thoughts, and they experience it as pollution. From their perspective, the bristling thought-energy from Earth is a minor disruption to the harmony of the galaxy.
  • The galactic races are working with each other to help raise life on Earth to a place of greater peace, oneness, and harmony. That’s the key to humanity becoming a galactic race one day: resonance and oneness-of-mind among its members.

*(Note: I believe that these advanced galactic races don’t have to eat or drink or excrete waste, nor do they reproduce in a way that a female of the species becomes pregnant. I’m not even sure if all of the galactic races have gender—male and female versions of themselves. I believe they’re nourished mostly by life-energy from the source, and those who produce children do so mostly with energy and consciousness (spiritual, as in reincarnation) and some genetic tinkering (as opposed to biological coupling)—maybe involving a couple or a scientific team or maybe with community involvement. I’ve found sources that seem to support that belief, but anything conclusive about the various races of ETs eating, drinking, excreting, and reproducing might have to wait for a future article, if and when I can gather more conclusive information on the subject.)

And that, I think, is the crux of “The Project”: Many trillions of spiritual and extraterrestrial beings have been exchanging ideas for many thousands of earthly years about the fate of humanity on Earth.

Can we humans overcome the dissonance that was planted in our world and in our biochemistry long, long ago? Can we achieve the mental harmony necessary to become a galactic civilization?

The experts below have ideas about how this might come about on a planetary scale, and then at the end of the article we’ll consider the need for inner peace at a personal level during this period of global discord… all signs pointing toward harmony within us, harmony within humanity, harmony with the galactic races, and harmony with the omniverse.

(Hm, I’ve noticed while writing this that these experts are all white males. If I write another ET article someday, I’ll try to include more diversified sources, for example, women who describe a loving presence that’s almost angelic while connecting mentally with Arcturians and Pleiadians and Sirians. After all, women seem to have a more refined vibration than men, as a rule. For example, few would argue that women are as generally aggressive and predatory as men are… but that’ll have to wait for a future article.)

What the Experts Say

Last week I enjoyed a dream in which I was brought aboard a big galactic ship and met some of the crew. Most of them looked like ordinary adults around 30 years old. One fellow, who seemed to be in charge of a small team sitting before a large TV monitor on the wall, had a sense of humor. He swiveled around, smiled at me, and we joked about a few things that I don’t recall. A dog approached, and I bent down, nuzzled the top of its head, rubbed its neck, and felt an affection for it as though it were a family pet. Then I turned around and saw a woman who was in charge of another small crew doing maintenance on a smaller ship in the same big room. She acknowledged my presence with a nod then resumed her work. Then I woke up. It was not a profound or moving experience for me. It seemed, well, natural, as though I’d been invited there for a brief, friendly visit. But looking back on that short dream, I can only imagine the wonders that some ET researchers must experience over the years!

https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/35c-etcollage-1.png?w=770 Clockwise from top left:
1) artist rendition of the quasi-physical paradise Essassani, with two ships overhead (Darryl Anka’s “First Contact” film),
2) photo of a UFO in our world. (Stephen Greer’s “Disclosure” film)
3) artist rendition of an Essassani triangular craft (“First Contact”),
4) artist rendition of a zeta-human hybrid from Essassani (“First Contact”)
5) ET-like face that I caught on Polaroid film years ago at an Earth Transformation Conference, whose hosts said they were in touch with Arcturians. (read more about how the original photo was halved and mirrored to produce this picture…)
6) an “abductor zeta” caught on video peeking into the kitchen through the patio door (“Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story” film).
(Note: If owners of these pictures object to their use here, let me know and I’ll remove them. MM)

Here’s a brief overview of the research and experiences of a few key people who’ve been immersed in extraterrestrial understanding for many years. I’ll list them in alphabetical order of their first names. There are lots of fascinating articles, books, videos, and movies associated with their work, and I’ll provide links. If this article is of any interest to you, then you’ll probably relish their books and videos. Much of their information is mind-boggling, as it’s beyond our current science, but we’ll try to resolve all that by the end of the article. (I’ll sprinkle in a few of my own comments along the way, and put them in italic parentheses like this.)

Darryl Anka has been channeling information for some 30 years from the trillions of zeta-human hybrids called Essassanis who make up their Association of Worlds, which has spread through part of our galaxy. Their home planet—Essassani—is a semi-physical, semi-astral, paradise world in a star system some 300 light-years away, not yet noticed by our scientists through their telescopes. Only about 250 million Essassanis live on their home planet while the rest of them live in “cities” aboard massive ships that explore many planets. They’ve established supportive, live-and-let-live relationships with planetary races of many of those worlds. The Essassanis don’t have names associated with personalities—they’re all connected mentally in group consciousness throughout their vast network—but Anka has established a rapport with one particular Essassani fellow whom he calls Bashar (rhymes with guitar). Anka hosts seminars around the world in which he goes into a trance, connects mentally with Bashar, gives a brief greeting and message to the audience, then answers people’s questions about extraterrestrials, their lives and interests, and their interactions with us humans on Earth. While Anka is sharing the dialog vocally with his audience, Bashar is sharing it mentally with several thousand, or sometimes several hundreds of thousands of his Essassani friends. Apparently the mental rapport between Anka and Bashar was not easy to establish and sustain at first. Bashar said it was like trying to mesh a big, steady, slow-moving gear (the group-mind of a galactic or interstellar being) with a small, unsteady gear (the mind of a planetary being like a human on Earth). Unless the rapport was established with patience and care over a period of years, there was the risk of a mental breakdown. Here are some of the things Bashar has told us about his race and their activities:

  • It doesn’t take ETs 20 years or 20 lifetimes to travel to distant planets like ours. As they explain it, distance (or space) is an illusion that we humans on Earth seem to be trapped in during our short lifetimes. In the greater reality, travel just about anywhere can be instantaneous under the right conditions. The galactic ETs view location as a quality of a structure (the way spirit friends have told ITC researchers on Earth that they see time as a bodily substance).
  • So time as we experience it on Earth (like space or location) is also an illusion. The Essassanis can apparently hop around in time to some degree; they say they visit our world from what we would consider “the future.”
  • The Essassanis work openly with some planetary cultures, but they haven’t been able to make public appearances on Earth because the hostility and fear in our world prevent it. “Who wants to go into a war zone or into an asylum where everyone’s armed?” Anka/Bashar jokes at seminars. “The Earth is a war zone!”
  • Some governments, especially the USA, are very well aware of the Essassanis and other galactic races, but their interest is not to join the ETs, but to defend against them while protecting the general public from their presence. (Living things on Earth don’t trust each other because of the predatory nature of the planet, so we project our mistrust onto the ETs.) The only help our governments currently want from the galactic races is advanced technology to develop better weapon systems. The Essassanis and other galactic races refuse to cooperate in such madness, but there are a couple of those races who are struggling, as mentioned earlier, and they’re willing to trade a bit of their technology with Earth governments (in return for certain favors that we’ll discuss in a moment). That said, the technologies are all based on mental focus and resonance, or harmony, so they’re of limited use here on Earth at the present time. (The ETs already know that, and Earth governments are starting to figure it out too, leaving them in a sort of “catch-22” position with alien technology used for military purposes. Galactic technologies can only be used for peace and order, not for conflict and chaos—and not because of some sort of moral principle, but because of what might be called a law of galactic physics dealing with mental resonance.)
  • Essassanis and other galactic races view humans on Earth as exceptionally focused and adaptive, so that our technologies evolve much faster than the norm. At the same time, they think of us as “masters of limitation” because we’re mostly unaware of our multidimensional (spiritual) makeup and our innate capacity to transcend the limitations of three-dimensional (or what they call “third-density”) living in which we’ve been stuck for many thousands of years.
  • The only time Essassanis have come close to “arguing” with a planetary race is when they try to describe life on Earth. Other planetary races can’t believe our kind of mental limitation is possible. So there’s a lot of fascination with our world.
  • Though live-and-let-live is the rule among the galactic races when dealing with each other and with planetary races, the galactic races intercede on rare occasions when there’s a serious problem brewing on a planet. Last century they deactivated—“dampened electromagnetically”—all the launch mechanisms on our nuclear weapons. Governments, again, were well aware of that intervention, but they saw it as a show of force—a threat—rather than a protective measure. (Hence the silly “Star Wars” program in the USA.) Anka/Bashar explains that nuclear annihilation on Earth would “tear through the dimensional fabric of other space-time continuums” and jeopardize other civilizations that have nothing to do with Earth. That, aptly, is a galactic no-no.
  • The Essassanis see a likelihood of world unity in the near future. (The United Nations was probably the most important step in history toward world unity, but it hasn’t worked very well because of all the squabbling over national interests.) One solution, says Anka/Bashar, might involve be a “triumvirate” or friendship or close association that develops soon between the USA, Russia, and China. (The three governments will go about adopting planetary standards and values to ensure peace and stability, and then the rest of the world will fall into place. Sounds promising, but considering all of the religious, scientific, and political zeal and inherent human distrust it may not be easy to pull off. Bashar also predicted, in the 1990s, that humans on Earth could be ready to employ galactic spacecraft technology as early as 2017, and that humanity could be ready to join the Galactic Association of Worlds by 2027. Galactic races who take mental harmony for granted might underestimate the challenges posed by Earth’s predatory living conditions that we take for granted.)
  • Anka/Bashar acknowledges at various seminars that making predictions for a time-based continuum, especially the timeframe on Earth, is extremely difficult.
  • Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, traces back to the destruction of Atlantis, which occurred on what would have been on (or around) November 1 (a mid-autumn timeframe) some 12,000 years ago. Today’s social and political chaos traces back not just to bad choices made in Atlantis, but to a time long, long ago when “the planet Maldek (or Eden or Marduk) destroyed itself.” Earth societies today have many of the same technologies and feisty personalities (and, in some cases, the same sort of bullying political dominance) that Atlantis had on Earth when it was still thriving.
  • One of humanity’s biggest steps toward becoming a galactic race will be to finally realize that “OUR PRESENT IS NOT THE RESULT OF OUR PAST.” Everyone in the galactic races lives in the moment. Everyone’s part of collective mind that’s evolving. Everyone’s simply a part of that evolution. Everyone’s in harmony. That’s the way of life of a galactic being. (Being consumed by the past or the future serves no purpose, since time is an illusion.)
  • Bashar refers to it (advancing from a planetary to a galactic race) as an evolution from a “third-density world to a fourth-density world.” Density refers to the vibration of the planet, where third is a denser vibration and fourth is a subtler vibration. Everything everywhere has a “signature frequency,” and the signature frequency of a planet is determined largely by the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. A fourth-density planet the size of Earth would probably support a population of about 50 million people. In fourth-density the people would be in harmony—of one mind—and billions of them would (presumably) begin living aboard ships. (And many, of course, would simply leave the planet and “return home” to the spirit worlds.)
  • The five laws of creation everywhere are 1) you exist, 2) all is now, 3) all is one, 4) what you put out you get back, and 5) everything changes except these laws.
  • Finally, the most important thing people on Earth can do now to start lifting the vibration of themselves and their planet is simply to do the things in life that stir their excitement. (Not the hormonal excitement that come through sex and gambling and rollercoasters and mind-altering drugs and alcohol, but the soul-stirring kinds of excitement that give a lifetime meaning and purpose.)
  • Sources: First Contact movie (available on Amazon Prime), Masters of Limitation 2020 book summarizing the Essassani infomation, Shards of a Shattered Mirror 2020 novel, Blueprint for Change 1996 book (out of print) summarizing the Essassani information.

Paul Hamden and William Treuniet are discussed together here. Paul Hamden’s work is similar to Darryl Anka’s work. He channels various galactic ET races, but especially the refined Zetas. William Treuniet is retired from a science career and now spends his time exploring other-worldly truths. He has meticulously interpreted much of the information coming through Paul Hamden. Here are a few key points they’ve gathered from the galactic races:

  • All galactic races share the goal of oneness within each race and among races, because “all energies come from one place, one source energy; they all long to be reunited with the ‘whole’.” (That is exactly the definition of basic human spirituality—an effort to establish and sustain a conscious connection to the source that creates and nourishes the entire omniverse with life-energy.) The galactic races flourish on harmony.
  • The galactic races have been concerned about the low-vibration thoughts leaking into the galaxy from Earth, disrupting the harmony. They experience it as a sort of mental pollution, which has gotten worse in recent decades as modern technologies amplify human fear, deception, hatred, and other dissonant vibrations. It could become a serious pollution problem, and efforts are underway to try to solve it… to nip it in the bud in a peaceful way.
  • One solution: an ET (Zeta or otherwise) and a human spirit can form a hybrid consciousness and incarnate on Earth for a lifetime. As millions of these pairings are made, millions of people are born on Earth with a finer, lighter state of being. These hybrid incarnations are always done with permission of both parents, and that permission is usually given at a spiritual level which the parents themselves might not consciously remember.
  • That project (a sort of galactic seeding or star-seeding project on Earth) can help raise the planetary vibration and move humanity toward 1) a resonant collective consciousness and 2) open two-way mental communication between humans and the galactic races. (Achieving that resonance would also enable instrumental transcommunication or ITC—that is, delivering information to Earth directly through equipment—to become a mainstream mode of earthly communication for both ETs and spirits.) At present, about 30 percent of Earth’s people have this combined ET-spiritual heritage, while the rest of us have the traditional spiritual lineage within us.
  • Another solution: Eight or ten Zetas can meet in a clear sphere or bubble of energy with a model of Earth between them. They can focus on our planet while holding us in their thought processes. They connect mentally to millions of human minds that also favor a collective consciousness of humanity. These group meditations help raise our planetary vibration. There might be dozens of those sessions going on at the same time, scattered along various points in or around our moon’s orbit. The ships are of a slightly finer vibration than our physical dimension, so that they’re imperceptible to us.
  • Despite these projects to uplift humanity, there are lingering problems to be solved both on Earth (which we’ll address at the end of the article) and among the ETs.
  • “Long ago the Zeta race split into two factions,” say Hamden and his Zeta friends. One vast, flourishing Zeta culture has been refining its high-vibration consciousness in order to become resonant with other galactic ET civilizations, with whom they collaborate on many projects, including the betterment of humanity and Planet Earth. A smaller, struggling Zeta race has been abducting certain humans to create biological hybrids (apparently with permission from some governments, in exchange for certain ET technologies). Hamden and Treurniet work only with the greater Zeta race that’s resonant with other galactic races and that tries to undo the damage done by the lesser Zetas.
  • Everything in the omnniverse has its own particular vibration of consciousness.
  • Members of the greater Zeta race sustain their high vibration with harmony and stillness, whereas they notice that the human vibration on Earth is raised by what we call love. When people act with love toward each other, they raise their vibration. The closest the Zetas come to experiencing our feeling of love is a sort of love-respect feeling they have for each other. They never harm each other, they feel a special affection for their children, and they never try to “teach” each other or interfere in each other’s learning process.
  • While humans on Earth slip easily into fear, deception, sadness, and anger, the Zetas say, simply, “Such emotions do not serve us.”
  • Humanity on Earth is evolving toward a resonant collective consciousness that’s following a predetermined course. The Zetas can see the likelihood of a major facilitating event that “will cause matter to become nonmatter”… (which might suggest a sort of end-time scenario, or spring-cleaning of the planet… or it could simply suggest that as we raise the vibration of the planet we ascend from a material universe to a spiritual one, which we consider at the end of the article).
  • Sources: An impressive collection of downloadable books, interviews, and essays by William Treurniet and Paul Hamden.

Stan Romanek is among the best known and most credible (and at the same time most incredible) “abductees” in history… (and many human abductions by the lesser Zetas have been reported by many people across the years and around the world). Stan’s experiences, if true (and they’re certainly well documented), are amazing by any earthly measure. It’s largely his lifelong dyslexia that makes his accounts seem both credible and incredible. He says he was never very good at either grammar or math, and he often expresses himself with child-like awe, innocence, and bewilderment, so he’s not the kind of person we normally think of as “an expert.” However, his experiences have drawn the attention of various people who are considered experts—psychologists, scientists, investigators, and others. For those who’ve gotten to know Stan and his wife Lisa well, and have examined their experiences objectively, the consensus is that the couple’s claims about the ET interventions, and Stan’s ET abductions in particular, are true for the most part. Among his experiences:

  • Starting in 2000, Romanek began having frequent UFO encounters and capturing them on video. Sometimes they’d hover over his car and follow him home. The ETs seemed to have their eye on him and soon started dropping by his home uninvited, so he started photographing and video-recording them in his yard. On one occasion he set up a video camera in his kitchen and caught one of the fellows peeking in through the patio glass door. (See picture #6 in the collage.)
  • Strange, bright lights would be cast down on his house on some nights, and the following morning there might be a round, crop-circle-like pattern on his lawn, 4 or 5 feet in diameter. During one of those bright nights the siding along one side of the house was badly scorched. A work crew showed up the next day uninvited and did a complete repair to the house with no charges or explanations. When his landlord said he had no clue about the damage or the repair, Romanek figured the repairmen were probably sent by some sort of covert government agents who were aware of the ET activities, since he’d received warnings before (from officials in black SUVs) not to go public with his experiences.
  • Around that time, Romanek fell off a ladder next to his house and did serious damage to his leg. His doctor scheduled an operation and told Romanek that without surgery he’d almost certainly lose the use of the leg. The morning before the operation he woke up to find a small row of neat, circular incisions on his leg, and the injury had been completely healed. The surgery was canceled.
  • By then, Romanek had been abducted by the Zetas on numerous occasions. They would appear in his home in the early morning hours and put him into a trance, then he’d awaken aboard a spacecraft, lying on a table, sometimes in severe pain. With help from regression hypnotherapists, he came to remember lots of details from the abductions.
  • During some onboard sessions it was apparent to him that the ETs were conducting reproduction experiments on him. On one visit he was introduced to a small girl with immense, striking, almond-shaped eyes who seemed to exude wisdom and understanding far beyond her years. He felt a deep affection for the child staring up at him and knew she was his daughter—a Zeta-human hybrid. She started calling him Starseed with a strange mix of humor and affection.
  • “These guys are like super-intelligent children,” Romanek would tell audiences at conferences he attended. “They’ll find the most mundane thing and flip out over it, like a pair of glasses. My remote controls will disappear for weeks at a time, and then we’ll wake up some morning, and they’re all neatly lined up on our kitchen countertop.”
  • He says one night in 2003, he woke up in bed after being abducted and returned, and he was wearing a ladies flannel nightgown (apparently belonging to another abductee).
  • During some encounters the ETs would imprint a massive amount of information directly into his mind. On one occasion he was shown an unforgettable and rather terrifying apocalyptic scenario—searing winds across the Earth that leveled structures and ripped the asphalt off roads. On other occasions his mind would be branded with complex mathematical formulas.
  • Romanek could later close his eyes and write out some of the complex, graduate-level physics equations from memory. Physicists who read those equations (which looked like chicken scratchings to Romanek himself) said that some of them pertained to Einstein’s theory of relativity as it applies to gravity.
  • Stan and his wife Lisa received some phone calls—presumably from one of his (by then a half-dozen or more) ET-hybrid daughters. Each call was either left on the answering machine or else answered for a live conversation. In either case, the voice had a computer-like quality, (presumably because the ETs communicate mentally and it took some effort for them to impinge earth-like voices through earthly equipment; ITC researchers have learned that their spirit friends face the same challenges when trying to contact us through earthly technologies). The ET messages to the Romaneks were sometimes chastising in the way young girls often talk to each other or to their dolls, or the messages might be traced with humor, for example😞 “I know how stubborn you are, Starseed.” Or, “Now listen, Starseed, you know you are different. Follow your instincts and stay alert. This is too important. Soon it will all be revealed. And Starseed, do not be afraid of what you are.”
  • Romanek co-authored three books about his experiences—Messages (2009), Answers (2011), and The Orion Connection (2011). In Answers he shared lots of pictures of his hybrid children, and the book was mostly loved by readers: 84 percent of the reviews on Amazon gave the book either 4- or 5-out-of-5 stars.
  • In 2017 Romanek was charged with “felony possession of child pornography” and sentenced to two years in jail. Details surrounding the case are nearly as perplexing as Stan’s experiences themselves—initiated by Homeland Security, investigated by detectives known to get convictions in questionable ways, a wiped hard drive, evidence turning up on thumb drives, the fact that there’s no more effective way in the USA to ruin a man’s reputation and research than by accusing him of child abuse or child pornography…. (Read more about that tragic case… )
  • Since the conviction, Stan’s health has badly deteriorated.
  • Source. Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story movie documentary (available on Amazon Prime).

Dr Steven Greer founded CSETI (Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Life) in 1990, in which he and an international network of colleagues and supporters worked together to establish contact with ET civilizations. As a Transcendental Meditation teacher he knew that contact with ETs would probably require mental resonance and harmony, which became one of the cornerstones of CSETI. In 1993 he founded the Disclosure Project, an effort to urge governments to go public with the vast ET information they’d gathered over the years but were keeping secret, largely for “national security” reasons. From 1994 to 1998 Greer was an emergency room physician, then retired to devote the bulk of his attention to ET research. In 2001 he held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC—along with 20 retired officials from the Air Force, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and the US intelligence community—who shared what they knew about ET activity in our world. They urged current government leaders to disclose to the public what they knew but had been hiding all these years. Among the many things that Greer has learned from and about the ETs is that they started taking a special interest in Earth in the 1940s, when we started exploding atom bombs on Earth. That got their attention, and so people suddenly began to see lots of UFOs in the sky and report them to the authorities. (All of those UFO sightings agitated the US government, especially the military. Fear was the motivating force to create the bombs in the first place, and fear became the natural reaction to the onslaught of UFO sightings. Uncle Sam was still skittish and reeling from all the death and destruction from the second world war, so he might have assumed that the UFOs were here to launch another sneak attack—a galactic version of Pearl Harbor. The idea that the UFOs were here to protect him and other governments from themselves might not have occurred to Uncle Sam.) In any case, various galactic ET civilizations sent delegates to Earth for discussions with government officials in the USA and other emerging nuclear powers. Those discussions were labeled Top Secret (probably because the governments still didn’t trust the ETs and their intentions… and still don’t today). Rather than go through all of Dr Greer’s findings over the years for this article, it seems more fitting to share what he’s learned about how we planetary humans might someday become an interstellar or galactic civilization. This is what he shared with the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California recently:

  • Step 0: A planetary civilization is self-destructive. An extinction-level event could result from interplanetary war (which would essentially destroy planetary life, or maybe add Earth’s shrapnel to the asteroid belt). A collective desire for planetary destruction among just 1 percent or humanity could get us there. The galactic races are busy behind the scenes trying to prevent this from happening, so that humanity can eventually move to step 2, at which point we’ll have to advance from thinking about international and intercultural peace to thinking about interstellar (or galactic) peace. But first there’s Step 1.
  • Step 1: Humanity becomes globally peaceful, at one with itself. At that point we can start using instant transport (discussed below) and other consciousness technologies to start transforming our world in a positive way. (We also begin to establish a conscious rapport with the galactic ET races at this point.)
  • Step 2: We become involved in pursuits of the sciences of consciousness—an interface between consciousness (mind) and the kinds of space-time-matter electronic devices that are in use today. We reach higher states of consciousness often called enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, or God-consciousness. (In other words, we learn to forge a conscious contact with the source, which is the crux of human spirituality). That becomes the central focus of the civilization. Why? It’ll provide unlimited abundance. Also, that’s when people can really get artistic and creative.
  • Step 3: We become interstellar. Once we humans are peaceful and transdimensional and connected to higher states of consciousness, then we get a sense of what’s really out there as a segment of our population begins living in space. And when we get too Step 3 isn’t a matter of time, but of “event horizons.” That’s what Greer has been training people to do with his “Close encounters of the fifth kind” project—help humanity reach its next event horizon, largely through mental resonance.
  • Step 4: More than 15 percent of people in the world have achieved cosmic consciousness. Humans are now in contact with senior ambassadors of the galactic races who offer advanced guidance to emerging civilizations. They’ve been working with us on Earth for many thousands of years from behind the scenes, but now at step 4 there’s active collaboration.
  • Step 5: Everyone on Earth is now born into cosmic consciousness. Teleportation and bilocation become a way of life for everyone, and our own consciousness becomes the guiding force within our technologies (including ITC technologies for two-way communication with ETs through our devices).

(At this point, presumably, we begin to cross the threshold from a physical world to a quasi-spiritual world, and eventually become a spiritual world.)

In steps 5-7 we join the interstellar council collective that’s been operating since time immemorial. Greer says that in recent years his group contacts are being cleared through that collective.

  • Step 6: At least 1 percent of the people on Earth are in coherent god-consciousness. Through them Earth becomes a highly refined physical world living under astral (paradise) conditions.
  • Step 7: God consciousness becomes a way of life for everyone from birth—a state of celestial perception. We can then manifest things and dematerialize by focused intent.
  • Step 8: At this point at least 1 percent of the people perceive through unbounded mind, where cities, spacecraft, and entire worlds can appear with a thought. Physical worlds evolve into light beings and light ships while everyone’s at high states of consciousness.
  • Step 9: Everyone’s in perfect unity consciousness—not just oneness within and without—but we can now experience the whole of cosmic creation.
  • Step 10: Everyone is in Brahman consciousness or God consciousness. (Essentially we’ve returned to the source.)
  • Sources: Most of Steven Greer’s movies, books, and other work can be accessed through his youtube channel and his facebook page.

Extraterrestrials in Perspective

Based on what the ETs have told us, moving instantly from one location to another in the universe and traveling through time become possible once we understand (and adapt to) the superimposed nature of the omniverse, in which many universes are nested within each other.

Time and space are an illusion. In reality, everything exists in the same space at the same time. It remains distinct from everything else in the omniverse by its vibration—not by what we perceive as its “location” or by its place in the “past” or “future.” That’s not an easy situation for us humans to grasp because of what the ETs call “limitations” that we imposed on ourselves long ago. Apparently the limitations are the result of being locked into the illusion of time and space.

Here’s a diagram that helps to put things into better perspective.image.png.10aaa1c074e776a5051ff14a0a778909.png


The source emits a life-energy that creates and nourishes everything throughout the omniverse. The most important and intimate part of every individual thing everywhere is its own connection to the source.

Everything in our material universe—every galaxy, every planet, every person, every extraterrestrial being…—has copies of itself extending into finer “parallel” universes (represented by the white circles). Every universe and everything in it remains distinct by its unique vibration.

To get a sense of the number of those universes, imagine that each circle represents dozens of white circles.

To get a sense of the “parallel” nature of the universes, imagine shrinking the picture down until everything is superimposed into a single pinpoint, then expanding the picture back out in its superimposed state. Not an easy thing to visualize, but it gives an idea of what things might look like to an extraterrestrial, or to a spirit, or any other being that can perceive multiple dimensions or universes.

The countless universes between Earth and the source can be arbitrarily divided into seven levels. We humans on Earth live in a physical universe at level 1. UFOs can move among various physical universes at level 1, and presumably into quasi-physical universes around level 2.

ETs probably have a similar spiritual composition to ours—various “spirit bodies” within us that get ever finer as they approach the source. The source itself becomes the “soul” of everything, and it rests in perfect harmony at the center of our being, like a divine crystal oscillator. So, by the nature of our being, we are one with the entire omniverse.

(Earth’s spiritual “shadow” is where most of planet’s dark, predatory impulses get trapped, and they can apparently leak out into the galaxy to unsettle the prevailing harmony—a cause for concern among ETs. But the shadow, hypothetically, will quickly disappear once we take what Steven Greer calls the first two steps toward cosmic consciousness.)


  • Thanks to Walter Rucker and Don Marsh for the introduction to the work of Darryl Anka.
  • Thanks, Walter, for the introduction to the Paul Hamden/William Treurniet material as well.
  • Thanks to Dr John Day and Don Marsh for reminding me of the work of Dr Steven Greer.
  • Thanks to Rick Nelson, Dr Leo Sprinkle, and Paola Harris, who introduced me to the experiences of Stan Romanek… seems like a lifetime ago.


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Thank you for posting such a wealth of information. I have friends who have had experiences with with et's  and now their experiences are validated.  When I first arrived on scene of interweb commnication I came across a young man, if I remember correctly, who claimed to be getting information from seven beings about how we came to be on this planet. Until now Ive never found acceptance or validation, and here it is! 

How very wonderful, thank you. Just as we are diverse and many here, it nakes sense that it would be so "up there".  🙂


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