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Many societies today are churning… coming apart… dividing sharply into opposing camps. Americans have watched it happen here in the States early in the 21st century—left-wing Democrats vs right-wing Republicans—but it’s also happening in Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Turkey, and other countries. International scholars recently found some common factors that seem to be fracturing society—getting people more and more riled up.

Beneath all that divisiveness I think there might a more elemental force at work, which we’ll explore in a moment. But first…

Divisive Social and Political Trends

(This information comes from Carnegie Endowment organization.)

As societies break apart into opposing camps that find each other repugnant, certain conditions seem to aggravate the bitterness. There are:

  • Leaders who incite hatred, intolerance, violence, and lies,
  • Media that use modern technologies to fan those toxic embers,
  • Growing economies that allow or encourage a widening gap between rich and poor, and
  • Cronyism and corruption (a sort of hyena-pack leadership) that might get everyone excited for a while, but ultimately makes the public sick of politics as society divides ever more sharply.

Meanwhile the polarization spreads through the government (e.g. courts and legislatures) and finally “reverberates throughout the society as a whole, poisoning everyday interactions and relationships.”

The important question is: Do these things cause a society to come apart at the seams, or are they all just symptoms of a more underlying condition that really causes people to split up into opposing groups?

An Underlying Cause of Polarization?

(Some of this information comes from a recent article on this site about the End Time.)

I think there are spiritual crosscurrents moving powerfully around and through the Earth, clashing with each other and spreading toxic emotional fallout that passes through human minds. And that’s what might be causing social cohesion to break down and burst lately in families, communities, and nations, and throughout world affairs. While those spiritual crosscurrents are always present in our world, causing unrest, they seem to be getting more severe lately as riots, rebellion, gross immorality, and mass destruction break out all around the world.

So, yes, I believe that spiritual forces are behind the unrest, and I base it on:

  1. a message our INIT group received from ethereal beings in 1996 regarding an approaching “End Time,” and
  2. what I’ve been learning since then about:
    • the source and its life-energy that creates and nourishes all universes, and
    • the shadow of toxic spiritual residue that’s been forming around our world across the centuries.

An End Time Forewarning

In 1996 the Seven Ethereals told our INIT group:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.

(That ITC [instrumental transcommunication] contact was delivered through a computer at our main receiving station in Luxembourg.)

When I first saw that contact, I wondered, What? Light and darkness shall reunite? Why? If mankind has a “dark” side, why not just excise it like a tumor and throw it away? Why not just restore humanity and Planet Earth to the “light?”

The Source and the Shadow


As rich, radiant life-energy is deflected by Earth’s brutal, predatory nature, a spiritual shadow is cast round the planet, in which life-energy is in short supply.

Those questions stewed in the back of my mind for 20 years, until I began to understand life-energy and Earth’s shadow.

  • Life-energy from the source nourishes the entire omniverse with vitality, love, joy, knowledge, morals, and other noble forces.
  • Earth’s brutal nature deflects some of that light from the source, casting a spiritual shadow around the planet that’s deficient in life-energy, resulting in weariness, hate, despair, ignorance, depravity, and other savage forces that echo and swell like an invisible storm cloud. (Read more… )


These positive and negative forces tug constantly on humanity, but they’re not like oil and water, which can easily be separated. They’re more like many long strands of fine, light yarn and course, dark yarn that get hopelessly entangled.

And that’s what life on Earth has become over the past tens of thousands of years—love, generosity, and kindness all tangled up with hate, selfishness, and malice.

That’s why finer beings who monitor and influence our world can’t just cut out the darkness and throw it away. It’s impossible to untangle the light and dark spiritual “yarns” here on Earth, which is apparently why an “end time” occurs periodically (thousands of years apart) in order to give our planet a sort of spring cleaning. Collapse of the old gives humanity a chance to evolve into something new and better.

God only knows how that planetary purge actually works, but I suspect it might happen something like this:

  • Finer spiritual beings from levels 5 through 7 start directing a lot of life-energy into our world in order to enhance humanity’s love, happiness, and truth.
  • That causes of sort of bristling in Earth’s shadow, stirring up the latent hatred, anger, and deception that’s been trapped around the planet.
  • All of these mixed feelings filter into human minds, influencing different people in different ways:
    • At one extreme are those who resonate with the life-energy. They’re inspired to solve the problems of society and the world. They want wise, benevolent leaders who can ease the pain and suffering going on around them while devising fair, sustainable societies. Just make the world a better place!
    • At the other extreme are those who bristle with the shadow. Agitated by the crime and conflict and immorality going on around them, they want strong leaders to take charge, whether by hook or by crook, to impose law and order and punishment. Just make the world a better place!
    • Most people are in the middle of those two extremes, feeling both light and dark influences in their lives, but in divisive times like these they may feel pulled rather strongly in one direction or the other.

So when the ethereal beings observe our troubled little planet and say, Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again, this intense discord that we’re witnessing today is apparently how that process feels as we get caught up in the mounting drama. Everyone around us is either a potential ally or a potential adversary, depending on their political views.

Some people relish the drama and stimulation that come from divisiveness. Their competitive or predatory or parasitic qualities might help them excel at pursuits involving money, power, and other such worldly pleasures, but their unworldly pursuits are liable to have negative results until they can deal with their dark, symbiotic compulsions.

Other people prefer a peaceful life with less drama and more positive spiritual rewards, so the following conclusion is mostly for them.

Silencing the Drama

While we can’t heal society’s divisions overnight and make everyone suddenly like each other, I believe we can soften the drama in our own life—in our own mind—simply by understanding the general scenario described in this article, which is:

Essentially, we’re all influenced by the spiritual forces around us.  

  • The main force (life-energy from the source) promotes peace and order throughout the omniverse (what the ethereal beings referred to as “light”).
  • Other forces emerge from Earth’s shadow to stir up conflict and chaos in our little world (what they referred to as “darkness”).

With that knowledge we can then buffer ourselves against shadow influences and their dramas. As explained in the previous article, we simply:

  1. Acknowledge the source as the only thing that’s “real,”
  2. Know that our sensory impressions of Earth with its dramas are largely illusions that we experience for just a short lifetime, and
  3. Use techniques like meditation to foster a conscious contact with the source.

The more we adapt those three steps into our life, the more peace and happiness we’ll enjoy from day to day as the dramas going on around us have less and less impact. Once we choose the lighter spiritual path, we’ll be compelled to contribute to the positive evolution of the planet and mankind.

Then, after our brief lifetime, we leave the Earth behind and “go home” to paradise, closer to the source, with some incredible memories.


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