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The Astral Overview Effect Project. -a 3D project


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For more please visit: http://www.lightandmagic.co.uk

THE ASTRAL OVERVIEW EFFECT is a virtual reality project by Jurgen Ziewe, who has written two books on his lifelong Out-of-Body experiences. He is also a commercial 3D illustrator and animator.

Since 2014 he has experimented turning his experiences into Virtual Worlds using the Unity Game Engine, but until now the quality has been unsatisfying to convey what it is like to visit other dimensional realities.

Having mostly retired from his commercial work he is now dedicating all his time to put his skills to work in this fascinating project:

To create Virtual Reality environments which will give people a glimpse of what it is like to enter alternate reality in full waking consciousness, just like during an Astral Travel Experience. In order to accomplish this momentous project Jurgen is hoping to raise funds for the cost of the development.

The term "ASTRAL OVERVIEW EFFECT" is borrowed from Astronauts viewing the world from space, which in many instances, almost inevitable, impacts and changes their consciousness and perception. It is hoped when people enter Virtual Reality in order to view what an OBE feels like, this may have a similar effect. Become a part of this exciting project by visiting. http://www.lightandmagic.co.uk

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