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Astral dreams - part of the Astral Overview Effect Project


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This Virtual Reality Experience was designed to simulate a Lucid Dream.

As we enter an unworldly space, fully immersed in it yet in full waking consciousness, this will give us an idea of what it may feel like to be in a Lucid Dream.

The scenery was deliberately kept unworldly and somewhat surreal, with subtle whispery prompts to remind us that we are dreaming and should be aware of this.


This VR animation was originally designed to be viewed late at night, perhaps just before bedtime, so the mind would pick up on it in a dream including the prompts, "Am I dreaming", hopefully with the result of obtaining lucidity. The video should be viewed in 360/3D at the highest possible setting such as 8K or 4K. To get the highest possible quality on your VR headset you can download the original crisp and sharp 360 VR Video with all the others which are part of the "Astral Overview Effect Project" at the link below. Because hosting costs money. A voluntary donation would help. In return you would receive a package of 15 high resolution screen saver images of Jurgen's other Virtual Worlds to enjoy. http://www.magicfantasyart.com/magicf... The work is inspired by Jurgen Out-ot-Body experiences into higher states of consciousness. You can read up on his work here: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jurgenz

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