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Transcript of Konstantin Raudive Speaking from Spirit with Sonia Rinaldi at David Thompson Seance


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AREI has released the content of the communications that Konstantin Raudive  had with Sonia Rinaldi when he spoke with her in a seance with David Thompson.  Having heard Raudives voice many times I had not doubt whatsoever that it was he who was communicating.


Konstantin Raudive Speaks from Spirit with Sonia Rinaldi

The most active, successful, groundbreaking ITC researcher in the world today is Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil. Sonia creates new methods and devices that are continually improving the recordings of voices and images. The speakers are in dialogue with her and show their awareness of what she is doing. Sonia has done readings for as many as 163 parents in a month, with as many as 200 messages, acquiring voices and images the parents recognize as their children, showing that they are alive now. She does her work for free.

In a David Thompson séance, a man came announcing himself as Konstantin Raudive. The appearance was evidential because Raudive referred to Sonia’s work and gave her specifications for how she could improve the results, demonstrating  that he was alive, aware of Sonia’s work, and anxious to continue working with her from spirit. Sonia has difficulty understanding him, so Sheri Perl and Victor Zammit, sitting next to her, repeat what Raudive has said. Raudive refers to Sonia’s images of people in spirit she records on video. When Raudive first started coming through to her in instrumental transcommunication audio recordings, she didn’t know who it was. She called him “Mr. German” because of his accent. She refers to the name in her communication during the seance. Sonia refers to a phone call Raudive made to her after his transition.

Mickey, Leslie Flint’s companion who brings through people in his séance speaks at the beginning.


2021-11-23 Edited by Andrés:

The audio can be heard online here:  https://afterlifeinstitute.org/raudive/
Or hear or download it directly in this post:  



Transcript of Sonia Speaking with Konstantin Raudive in a David Thompson Seance

Sonia: “Yes?”

Mickey: “Is your name Sonia?”

Sonia: “Yes.”

Mickey: “There is a man that wants to speak to you.”

Sonia: “Oh . . .”

Mickey: “His name is, hold on . . .  Oh he wants to tell you his name himself.”

Sonia: “Thank you!”

Raudive: “Sonia, Sonia Rinaldi.”

Sonia: “Yes.”

Raudive: “My name is Konstantin Raudive.”

Sonia: “Oh. Mr. Raudive. Thank you for your presence. Thank you.”

Raudive: “I want you to know that I am working with you a lot of the time.”

Sheri repeats for Sonia.

Sonia: “Oh, thank you. I am sorry. Sometimes I don’t understand quite well. But Sheri is helping me.”

Raudive: “I want you to know that there is a problem with the communication.”

Sonia: “Yes, is there anything that I can do?”

Raudive: “Yes.”

Sonia: “Sure! Please tell me!”

Raudive: “You need . . .”

Sonia: “Yes.”

Raudive: “to create a symmetric current path between two capacitors.”

Sheri repeats for Sonia.

Sonia: “Yes. If you can help me to reach this, I will try all the way.”

Raudive: “I will try. I will bring word through your communication channels. And I will help you. And we will accomplish many things together.”

Sonia: “OK thank you. Thank you. I will do anything that I can.”

Raudive: “Yes, I know and that is why I come to work with you often.”

Sonia: “Oh thank you so much.”

Raudive: “I thank you.”

Sonia: “You know that I call you Mr. German, right?”

Raudive: “You can call me what you wish.”

Sonia: “OK thank you!”

Raudive: “Have you seen my face yet?”

Victor Zammit repeats for Sonia.

Raudive: “I will appear on your communication.”

Sonia: “Oh!”

Raudive: “You will see me on your images, yes.”

Sonia: “Can I ask you a question?”

Raudive: “Yes.”

Sonia: “Mr. Raudive, I think that we should do more than we are doing, and I don’t know how. And I think that what you people in the other side are doing is so important. And we have to do more for you, but we don’t know how. If you can tell us or help us to help you.

Raudive: “Yes, I will. I will do it. I will inspire with the schematic for the capacitor for communication.”

Sonia: “Yes, anything. Since I know what to do, I will.”

Raudive: “I will help you. It’s important that you know I will help you.”

Sonia: “Can I make another question?”

Raudive: “Yes.”

Sonia: “Long ago, you apparently made some phone calls to earth, and including to me. These didn’t happen any more. Why is it, if it was possible for you to make a phone call, let’s say 10 years ago, why it didn’t come again? Why it didn’t happen again?”

Raudive: “Because the vibration of the fabric of the physical world prevents this from happening.”

Sonia: “Oh, is there anything that we can, oh I don’t know if this is important for you, but . . .”

Raudive: “My dear, you are doing more than enough, that I can say.”

Sonia: “Oh, thank you so much.”

Raudive: “We will do more work together, you in your world and I in mine.”

Edited by Andres Ramos
Audio added for download
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Depuis que je fais de la Tci, je n'ai jamais entendu des messages comme ceux-ci, aussi net et clair. En général, on a juste quelques mots par-ci par-là et parfois une phrase. Sincèrement, je me pose des questions concernant cet enregistrement

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Please allow me to explain.  Konstantin Raudive came through in a seance particularly to Sonia.  David Thompson is a physical medium and as I was present at this seance in the USA I can attest to its accuracy.  Other people present at the seance would also attest to the accuracy.  Sitting beside Sonia was Mr Victor Zammit who has spent a decade as I understand sitting in the home circle of David Thompson when he was resident in Sydney Australia.   Mr Zammit is well respected in the field having himself produced a classic book, "https://www.amazon.com.au/Lawyer-Presents-Evidence-Afterlife/dp/1908733225"

I will have to check the facts about Sheri Perl, the lady sitting beside Sonia but I am sure her son materialised at another Thompson seance years before.  I am sure that Sonia being Brazilian and with her English understanding somewhat limited for the information that Mr Raudive had to impart that spirit was moved to put two trusted people beside her.

Mr Raudive could be heard quite well around the room and those familiar with his voice had no doubts.  

Perhaps I might also say that it is the first seance I have attended where I had physical reactions as did a lass beside me.  Both of us had swelled up so much we were unable to put our shoes on and in my case my rings as well.  I might say quite light heartedly for everyone's sake I am glad we did not have to remove anymore items of a personal nature.

 I asked Mr Thompson the following morning why that was so given it was the first out of many seances that I have attended that I had reactions.  Mr Thompson told me that in order to increase the energy to sustain the spirit/process sometimes it is drawn from sitters.  I have since had this validated by many sources so I have no reason to doubt his explanation. 

Since then I have had one other physical happening to my solar plexus within another medium in another seance.


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Indeed Andres, I was privileged to attend both seances held at the conference although only one with David Thompson.  Having worked with Sonia on her experiments and knowing of the phone calls I was glad she had the sense to think to ask that.

My heart leapt with joy to hear Konstantin Raudive.  

Most definitely first hand information and happy to answer questions.


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One thing Sonia brought up was the super clear communication that she once got from Raudive. I call this time in history, Phase I. A group of very powerful spirits utilized the coherence of the Earth field to break through and allow some clear communications to occur, and it didn't require any special technology on our side. This project apparently was suspended for various reasons, which I can only speculate. Mark Macy's book, Miracles in the Storm, details this story quite a bit.

In Phase II, we are trying to ripen our technologies Here, but there's still seems to be some ways to go.  As you can see, with the dialogue, there has been some coyness There to give us too many hints Here. We hope that will change!

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