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About this blog

In this blog we will describe the development process for replicating the Light bridge from Sonia Rinaldi. Development engineers are Andrés Ramos and Dr. Jeffers. The goal is to replicate a fully functional device and send it to Lance because he has the desire to use it for his own ITC sessions.

This way we can find out if the technique Sonia is using can be utilized by other people too and is not just bound to her personal mediumship.

Entries in this blog


OK, as a follow up to my discussions with Jeff we can propose the following design specification of the Light Bridge.   Design specification Built in microphone and an additional 3,5mm stereo line input (mono internal) for modulating the light bridge. Two potentiometers for leveling microphone and external signal. Both signals are mixed and can be used simultaneously. Current driver for modulating one white LED inside the closed unit. Solar cell receiver with preamp

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in ITC

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